88 Series 2a d-h Air Portable

88 Series 2a d-h Air Portable

Build Options

The correct electrics option is required for military vehicles.
Steering Damper:
Steering damper mounts can be added if required
Power Steering:
P38 conversion provides mounts for a Range Rover P38 power steering box, the 4 bolt conversion includes modified rails to fit the Defender steering box. In both cases the battery shelf is deleted.
Heavy Duty Front Bumper:
Galvanised front bumper in heavy gauge steel.
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Our price:
£1860.00 (ex VAT)
£2232.00 (inc VAT @ 20%)


Product Details

All of our chassis are made from 2.5 mm British Steel and come Galvanized as standard. Once galvanized our chassis are taken back into the workshop and rectified. All holes are re-drilled and re-tapped before suspension bushes are fitted before delivery.

This was the Land Rover that the army threw out of Hercules transport planes with varying degrees of success. its most notable feature is that it does not look like your classic Land Rover having slab sides, being narrower than a normal Land Rover and sharing not one common panel below the window line.

The chassis are also different being 2" narrower than a standard chassis. our chassis have the number 1 cross member which sits behind the bumper, oil cooler mounts, tie rod bracket, the military style seat belt mounts. The biggest difference to the civilian chassis is the rear cross member which is narrower in width and is just a plane oblong shape with mounts for the military style NATO hook. it also has extra gussets and bracing to impart more strength into the rear cross member for heavy towing capabilities.

What our customers are saying

Land Rover Chassis

Innovation is the corner stone to racing and Richards Chassis have always been there to help us.

When we first approached them back in 2005 they were keen to listen and explore all options. This lead to three very individual Defender based race cars that dominated podiums across Europe in Trophy raid and winch challenge events from 2006 to 2015. These cars also attended events in the USA and Africa where again they showed their pedigree taking podium positions.

We are proud to work with Richards and still use their superb chassis’ to this day on tow cars, show cars and on some of our race cars. They are simply the best Landrover chassis money can buy.

Jim Marsden

Founder of Gigglepin and winner of over 100 Offroad titles

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