88 Series 2 Replica

88 Series 2 Replica

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Built by us to be an exact replica of the original Series 2 Chassis. The original weld pattern is replicated as are all original seams and folds. Some original cross members were manufactured in one pressed piece, regrettably these tools no longer available so we manufacture our cross members to replicate this which in itself is very time consuming. We beleive this is the most accurate replica chassis on the market. This replica chassis is also suitable for the 2a A-C suffix. We are also starting to develop replica versions of the D-H suffix and the Series 3 Variants

What our customers are saying

Land Rover Chassis

Innovation is the corner stone to racing and Richards Chassis have always been there to help us.

When we first approached them back in 2005 they were keen to listen and explore all options. This lead to three very individual Defender based race cars that dominated podiums across Europe in Trophy raid and winch challenge events from 2006 to 2015. These cars also attended events in the USA and Africa where again they showed their pedigree taking podium positions.

We are proud to work with Richards and still use their superb chassis’ to this day on tow cars, show cars and on some of our race cars. They are simply the best Landrover chassis money can buy.

Jim Marsden

Founder of Gigglepin and winner of over 100 Offroad titles

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